About Ace Micromatic

Ace Micromatic Group is India's largest machine tool conglomerate with a market presence in several countries across Asia, Australia, Middle East, North & South America and Europe. Formed with the intent to provide its customers a one stop shop for all machining needs, the group specializes in the manufacturing of CNC controlled turning, milling and grinding machines along with subsystems like tool turrets, ATC etc. Building on its expertise in machine tool manufacturing, the group has further diversified into manufacturing of components for various industry segments. In addition, the group also offers products to enhance its customer's productivity through real time machine monitoring.

Some of the core strengths of the group is the rich engineering experience of its leaders, who are considered pioneers in the development of several technologically advanced products and a very strong shared value system. A healthy synergy among the group companies has facilitated cross learning and rapid growth to be the front runners in machine tool development.